Spirit of Endurance

Crossing Antarctica, Solo & Unsupported

A solo, unsupported crossing of Antarctica, using muscle power alone with no resupply– although attempted – has never yet been completed. It is the purest and most challenging form of polar travel. A dear friend of mine, Lt Col Henry Worsley, MBE, Polar Medal, tragically lost his life attempting this journey in 2016. My first ever polar journey was with Henry and he taught me all of the skills required as well as inspiring me further. As a fitting tribute to the legacy of Henry I am hoping to go to Antarctica to complete his journey.

I am under no illusions as to the enormity of the task. Just raising the necessary funds to get to the start line will be a huge challenge, let alone the journey itself. However, I genuinely feel having served for many years with Henry and shared a tent with him for 3 months in 2011/12 while skiing to the South Pole, that I am the right person for this task. I’m sure he will be looking out for me throughout. His wife Joanna has very graciously given me her blessing and will be supporting the build up and preparation as well as watching the journey unfold.

And so, as Henry would have said ‘Onwards’.

To be a part of this world first, record breaking journey I can be contacted at lourudd@me.com

Solo & Unsupported Traverse of Antarctica

“Through Endurance We Conquer”

Sir Ernest Shackleton CVO OBE FRGS

Louis Rudd MBE

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Grrr, I’ve a blog on my website and it sucks.
I actually
removed it, but may need to bring it back. I was given by you inspiration!
Keep on writing!

Norman White


Who takes all the videos does it mean you have to go back for the cameras if that’s true then you must have done twice the Amount of distance

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