Steady progress…

Planning and preparations for the Spirit of Endurance expedition are coming along well. I’m currently tackling fundraising, physical training, selecting and sourcing equipment, clothing, nutrition, logistics support, media plan, route planning and post expedition legacy.

The biggest challenge as always is the fundraising but I’m receiving some great support from the Army and commercial sponsors alike and starting to get there. Although there is some way to go yet and with only 3 months to go I’m working hard to secure the final support needed. It’s always a stressful period but I’m feeling confident it will all come together in time. Belief is everything!

Physical training is in full swing and I’m regularly out on the tyre getting the miles in, down the gym doing strength and conditioning exercises or up on the hills completing the Fan Dance or 3 Peaks Challenge. I’m also heading out to Iceland in September for a final equipment test and refining of procedures. It will also be a great opportunity for some filming and photography.

I’m starting to order some of the specialist kit required for a solo journey and working out how to lighten my load as much as is safe to do. The food I’ll be eating for the 75 day crossing is a key part of this and striking the balance between weight and calories is a delicate one. I’m aiming at around 6000 calories per day and trying to keep it to around 1.1kg. I’m having to use a specialist pulk (the sledge I’ll be dragging behind me) that has a huge volume and is 2.3m long to fit everything in!

A key part of the expedition, and something that is very important to me personally, is the legacy it will leave behind. In conjunction with the Army a post expedition engagement plan is being put together that will see me touring the country and speaking to schools and other establishments to inspire the next generation to pursue their dreams and goals on whatever scale they may be. This is a phase of the project I’m really looking forward to.

Staying focussed and positive despite the inevitable set backs is key. With much still to do I continually remind myself why I’m doing this, to honour the legacy of the early polar pioneers, for Henry and for the next generation of aspiring adventurers. As I was once inspired by those that went before me then I hope I in turn can inspire those that follow to go always a little further.


Louis Rudd MBE

Lars Danner


120kg sled at the start, is that right? Wow.


Ok bro , i will back you on this one put me down for £500

Tell me where to put the funds


Nick Rudd (Choices) 07703 193583


Lou Rudd


That’s incredible bruv, hugely appreciated.

Richard Adey


Lou, you are a real inspiration and I for one wish you all the luck in the world, you won’t need it as your training and sheer bloody mindedness will get you were you want to be.

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