Good Luck Wendy

Best of luck to Wendy Searle who leaves the UK today to begin her journey to Antarctica to attempt to break the solo female speed record to the South Pole. A journey of over 700 miles in the most challenging conditions on the planet. I’ve been working with Wendy for the last two years to help her prepare for this journey and will be acting as her Expedition Manager while she is on the ice. We will speak daily and I’ll be updating her website and social media every 24hrs. You can follow her progress at Onwards.

Louis Rudd MBE

brona hogan


Good Luck Wendy, How Exciting,what an amazing opportunity. Looking forward to following your progress. from , Brona.

Christine McGettrick


Good luck Wendy Onwards

Brian Hays


You are a fine man for your support of her.

And by the way Louis, for those who say you were second in your trans-Antarctic crossing, that’s horse shit. Completing that astounding feat within a couple of days of one another tells me you were BOTH first. In fact, if you weren’t in parallel, there’s a good possibility that neither of you would have crossed the line.

You two are equal heroes to me, on a par with Wilfred Thesinger.

Best regards,

Brian Hays

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Christopher Coats


Good luck Wendy with this very impressive endeavour and wishing you good fortune on you journey to the SP. Chris Coats

Paul Stoddart-Crompton


Good luck Wendy, I hope all goes well and I’m looking forward to your updates.
Best wishes to you and safe journey.

Robert D Salton


God speed Wendy, we have faith in your strength & endurance and look to it as our inspiration. It’s because of woman like you the world is stronger, we are with you as you journey. Rob in Canada.

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