Future Adventurers

Meeting the team working hard to facilitate the DofE scheme in Bromsgrove

A true honour to have been asked to present the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards in Bromsgrove this evening.  A brilliant scheme that challenges young people to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and achieve incredible things. Who knows what these first steps into the expedition world will lead to. #wishiddonethat

4 Comments on “Future Adventurers

  1. Louis,

    As far as I’m concerned, you tied with Colin. Amen brother.


  2. Thank you for a truly inspirational evening. I asked my daughter as we left if she would carry on to DofE Gold, she said Mum, I’m carrying on till I get to Antarctica!

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  3. such an inspirational evening. Was fantastic to see my daughter receive her bronze DofE award and also listen to your incredible journeys. we look forwards to reading your book in 2020. Many thanks

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  4. An amazing tale of adventure that will have inspired so many to go on to their own adventures, not only through the DofE, but also beyond. It was fantastic to meet you and hear of your journey across such a hostile continent – 11 more steps, what a moto!


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